Friday, October 18, 2019


William Lynn

It’s impossible not to love You,
I try everyday not to.
Then You smile at me,
You brush Your hair back like You do
And then without warning, You laugh that unforgettable laugh too,
And I’m unsure what it is I see.
Did God really put an Angel on Earth just for me? 
Or did Satan assign a demon to me that forces my being to fall apart every time I remember that we will never be?
I call this work love, because nothing in the universe to me is more complex and deep than the feelings I feel for You, and giving this a more complicated title would make me feel like a fool.
I wondered what it would feel like to love as I grew,
I asked questions and was asked a simple question in return
Which comes first thoughts or feelings? I was unsure how to answer however that question began burn.
I learned that when I know the answer 
I’ll know if I’m in love.
By God do I know now
that there is no correct answer.
The simple being of Your smile has given me hope and torture.
It brings me comfort and anxiety;
But most of all You chiseled it into my absent minded memory from above.
I loved You so hard that I will never know how to truly feel this vulnerable to another person ever again.
In fact the sad part of it is that I try to but I’m forced to pretend.
Now I’m unsure what the future holds for the two of us
The path can be long and confusing;
But if the roads I’m traveling end with You, then it must be true that it’s
It’s impossible for me not to love You
Because it was always inevitable
That I would fall in love with You.